Nat Re emergency response team train to be certified first aiders

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January 23, 2020—The National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines (Nat Re) engaged the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) in training the members of Nat Re’s emergency response team (ERT) to become certified first aid providers.

Sixteen members of the Nat Re ERT underwent a 32-hour training on Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support conducted by Dindo Cano and Ariel Doza of the Rizal Chapter of the PRC. The training included lectures and physical exercises on conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation; managing first aid for various emergency incidents such as injuries and burns; and, proper bandaging, splinting, and lifting. Each trainee should pass both the written and practical exams before they can be considered a certified first aid provider.

The Nat Re ERT was formed to respond to emergency incidents in the Nat Re office which may affect employees’ health or safety.